Is Pest Spray Safe After It Dries? A Comprehensive Guide

Lawn pesticides are generally safe after they dry, but it's important to know the difference between different types of pesticides. Most become inactive once they dry, but not all. Mechanical traps and solid, poisonous baits are used to deal with rodents, while insect management generally requires liquids, gels, mists or aerosols. After a Smithereen technician has sprayed your property, wait for the spray to dry before cleaning.

Light cleanings are fine three to five days after a treatment, but avoid mopping or cleaning the perimeter areas of the rooms until two weeks have passed. Food should be stored in a cupboard or cupboard before treatment and cleaned with soap and water or a favorite cleaning product afterwards. Most pest treatments don't require special cleaning for clothes and furniture, but washing them or taking them to dry cleaning can provide extra security. To prevent pests from entering your property, dispose of waste quickly, place tight lids on trash containers and carefully clean any recyclable material.

Wet paper products, mulch and other materials that retain moisture should also be removed as soon as possible after treatment. Talk to your pest control company to find out what they are using and stay outside your home for several hours after applying the product inside. Wear gloves and long sleeves when in contact with chemicals and a mask to avoid inhalation. Spraying the patio and perimeter of your house in the rain may be ineffective depending on the intensity of the rain and product being used.

Eliminating easy entrances that insects, mice and other irritants use to access your property is essential for effective pest elimination and improved safety.

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